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Moskka 100%Milk Cotton Crochet Baby Bee Shoes


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  • 100% Milk Cotton
  • MILK COTTON FOR DELICATE BABY SKIN. Exclusively HANDMADE from 80% COTTON + 20% MILK FIBER, these adorable knitted material are breathable, anti-bacterial with an excellent MOISTURE ABSORPTION, COMFY, FLUFFY and with the same pH as delicate baby skin.
  • A STUNNING BABY SHOWER GIFT! Wrapped in a deluxe Cardboard gift box with gift note card, Moskka crochet baby shoes is an unforgettable baby shower gift, birthday present, Halloween costume party, or "just because" for your very own little love. Can be wearied as bootie, sock, sandals or sneaker.
  • EVERY PAIR IS UNIQUE. 100% handmade product in a safe and healthy environment. We use only three things to create our amazing Baby bee shoes: our own hands, 100% Milk Cotton, and most importantly- Inspiration.
  • LET YOUR LITTLE ANGEL SHINE. Handy YARN STRING that makes them easy to put on, and keep stay put on little feet. Moskka Baby Bee shoes keep the little feet warm, conform and look fantastic in this winter. And they are easy to clean!