Your Baby is Not Eating? Try This!

You hear people talking about how much their babies eat, you see them on TV and you even read about them; then how come your baby is not eating?

This can be very frustrating for any parent, especially when you struggle to cook the most healthy and tasty meals and everything your baby does is to play with the food. Well, here’s some tips for you to try!

Eliminate any medical cause

This is the first thing that you have to check before wondering why is your baby not eating properly. Iron deficiency can be, for example, a cause for lack of appetite, so make sure you discuss with your pediatrician first.

Buy a special and proper chair for your child

You probably have a chair for your baby already, but is it what he needs? The chair needs to be stable and, the most important, not distracting. This means that the tray for the food needs to be white and you have to avoid bringing any toys around when he is eating.

Establish a schedule for eating

Sure, it’s fine to take a snack with you in the designer diaper bag when you are going outside with your baby, but you need to create a schedule for eating in the home. In this way your baby will learn a routine and he will know for sure when is the time for eating and when is the time for playing.

Eat together at the same table

Babies learn by imitating their parents, so it is an excellent idea to eat at the same table with your baby. Of course, he needs to be on his chair. Make sure to look like you are really enjoying your food and challenge your baby to try from your plate (of course, only if the food is baby friendly).

Eat the same food

Not all babies are crazy about purees and “baby food”, at least not the general concept of it. You can get informed about Baby Led Weaning and try this method. If your baby sees you eating the same food he will be more tempted to try a few bites. If he doesn’t like, you can cook something else for the next meal.

Don’t force your baby to eat

If someone would force you to eat you would probably lose all your appetite too! In the first two years of life, babies take a lot of nutrients from the milk, regardless if you are breastfeeding or not. Do not worry if your baby does not start eating immediately; eventually, he will surprise you.

Be creative

You can make pancakes in funny shapes, you can cut the vegetables in different ways and you can add food coloring to regular meals; you will be surprised what a difference can make!

Is your baby not eating yet, but he is playing with food? No problem! He is just getting used to the taste and the texture of the food, so don’t stress yourself on this. Your baby will start eating well when he is ready to do it!

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