What Do My Kids Want This Summer? More of Me

Being a mother is not easy, but this did not stop anyone from doing the best they can. Mothers try to do them all: take care of the house, serve healthy meals, go to work, buy groceries, run errands and of course, take care of the children. But is all this as important as spending time with the children? No.

If there is one thing that your children want more than a trip this summer, that is to have more of you. More of me, more of every mother who tries to “do them all”, every single day. How about these ideas?

Make a list of important to-do’s

Alright, I know making lists is probably your thing, but I don’t mean one of the long and exhausting ones. Actually, what I want you to do is to get rid of your long list of chores that you have to finish, and make a smaller one which only includes important, vital, must-do things. That’s all you will do this week!


No, you are not the only person around who can clean the dishes perfectly, and clearly it doesn’t have to be you the person who gets all the groceries. In order to have time for your children (and yourself!) you have to learn how to delegate. Ask other family members to help you with your chores.


If you don’t do the laundry now, it will have to wait for another 2-3 days, and that is unacceptable! Or… is it? There are things that don’t matter, and you shouldn’t be well aware of them. Instead of stressing yourself out to do every single thing perfectly, pack the designer diaper bag and go outside with your child. You will have a lovely time!

Go outside together

Of course you go outside with your child all the time, but are you really? How often you take a look at your smartphone while your baby is sleeping or playing in the stroller? Too often, I believe. This time, try to focus only on him and your relationship and leave the distractions behind.

Do something that YOU love

It is important to know your children, but it is also important for them to get to know you. That is why it will be a surprisingly good experience to do together something that you love, or that you used to do a lot before becoming a mother. Going to a special place, swimming maybe?

Be honest about how you feel

Your child might be young, but this does not mean that he can’t understand how you feel. If your toddler is still full of energy and you are exhausted and all you want is to stay on the couch, let him know how you feel! You will be surprised how much empathy toddlers can have.

Is it difficult to be a mom? Of course. It is worth it? No doubt. This summer, have more fun than ever with your child!

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