Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh

In the first months with your baby, you were dreaming about his laugh. You saw a smile here and there, but you knew that these are just a natural reflex and not a real smile. Soon enough however, you noticed that your baby is smiling every time he likes something, and you main goal became to make him laugh. In the end, what can be more beautiful than seeing your little bundle of joy laughing?

Here are some ways to make your baby laugh, no matter if he did it already or he is getting ready for this step.

Become a clown

You are already making funny faces for your baby, but maybe you should take it to the next level if you really want to make your baby laugh. Whenever you see that he is in a good mood, not hungry or sleepy and paying attention to your moves, make the funnies faces that you can. Stick out your tongue, laugh, scream, cry, dance and sing. Be as creative as possible and you will see which of the moves are more interesting for your baby.


Babies learn what they have to do by imitating the adults. You have a big chance to see your baby laughing if you are doing this in front of him. When you see him smiling, look him in the eyes and laugh as loud as possible while keeping eye contact. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate your laugh a little bit, just enough to make the move of the face obvious for him. Repeat this as often as you can and you will find him laughing before you know it.


Although very common, it is one of the games that can make most of the babies laugh. This is because babies find it very interesting when you disappear (behind your hands of course) and very amusing when you “appear” with a smile. You can use your palms to hide your face, a pillow or just turn your face away.

Use his toys

If your baby has a favorite teddy bear, you can use the bear to make him laugh. Move the bear, talk like the bear and “tickle” the baby with the bear. The funnier the noises, the bigger chances you have to make your baby laugh. If you think that taking the baby outside will bring you better chances of success, make sure that you always have in your designer diaper bag his favorite toy.


Babies are different, and what makes a baby laugh has no effect over another child. Therefore, you have to spend enough time with your baby to see what is amusing for him. I know children that laugh when the parents “fall down”, while others get instantly worried. Play with different objects around the house, dace, jump or talk to your pet. When you see that something makes your baby smile more than usual, keep doing it until you get that desired laugh!

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