Tips to Get Your Baby Start Walking

There are two things that every new parent is looking forward to the first words of the baby, and the first steps. Although most of the children do this without any encouragement, sometimes you want to see him walking faster and you need some ideas on how to help him.

These tips will help you get your baby start walking faster!

Give up any “helping tools”

Many parents use a forerunner, thinking that this will help their baby walk faster. As a matter of fact, it has the opposite effect. While the baby is in the forerunner, he does not have to actually stand up on his feet, so he can’t learn how to do it in proper way. As a result, he will not work as early as he should, plus he will not learn how to manage the falls and how to step properly.

Prepare the house

Your baby is probably standing up already, but he does not have the courage to take the first steps. In order to make him feel more comfortable, make sure he has something to hold on to. Small pieces of furniture need to be around, or you can invest in a walker. It will motivate your baby to walk and it will give up the support that he needs.

Organize play dates with other children who already walk

Babies learn to do something by imitating the others, so it is a big chance to make your baby walk if you give him the opportunity to see others walking. If he is not going to daycare already, organize a play date with some children that have the same age, but already walking. Remember to take some interesting toys in your designer diaper bag!

Contact a kinesiotherapist

Although every baby has its own rhythm of development, sometimes it’s good to ask for some help from the outside. A kinesiotherapist can make some exercise with your baby that will increase his mobility and make him walk faster.

Hold his hands while walking around the house


This is how most of the babies start walking: their parents are holding their hands while they struggle to walk. It might seem that it is not bringing any results in the beginning, but soon enough your baby will be ready to let go of one hand, and then both of them.

Use a bait

For sure your baby has a favorite toy, right? Well, place the toy somewhere where he can only reach if he is standing up. It will not work from the first, and you might have to give up and give him the toy yourself if he can’t reach (no one likes a crying baby), but eventually, he will have the courage to stand up and take it by himself.

No matter how old your baby is, don’t compare him with other babies and expect him to walk only because others are doing it. When the time will come, he will walk straight into your arms!

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