Tips on Stress-free Shopping With Baby

Shopping is fun, relaxing and entertaining, right? Well, it is, but it can also be a long and difficult process if you are out with your baby and they are not interested in getting a new outfit.

To avoid turning your shopping session in a real nightmare, we have some awesome tips for you that will keep both you and your baby happy and ready for new adventures!

Choose the time wisely

Alright, most of the babies would do anything else BUT go to the store in a nice afternoon, so if you add on top of this a missed sleeping time you have a real trouble on your hands. If you want to be sure that your baby will cooperate, make sure he is well rested. Also, make sure you don’t extend the shopping session for too long; a baby might be happy to accompany you in the stores for 2-3 hours, but more than this can overstimulate him.

Be prepared

You probably don’t go anywhere without your designer diaper bag, so shopping shouldn’t be an exception. You need to have with you some nappies, napkins, a changing mat and an extra bottle or pacifier if needed. If your baby is older, you might also consider taking with you an extra set of clothes; you never know if he will make a mess or no.

Keep him entertained

There’s one thing worse than a tired baby while shopping: a bored baby. If he does not feel entertained he will do anything to get your attention, and this means fun things like screaming, crying, trying to jump from the stroller or throwing his pacifier every few minutes. To prevent this, you need to bring some interesting (preferably new) toys with you in your diaper bag.

Allow him to take part in the shopping process

Ok, you will not take fashion advice from a baby, but you can goof around with your baby while trying a few colorful dresses. You will have fun, your baby will be interested in mommy’s new outfit and who knows, maybe you will even get a discount!

Pay attention to his needs

If you see that your baby is not in the best mood and he wants to go out of the stroller (or in the stroller if you carried him before), then listen to his needs. Insisting to do something he does not like will not bring anything fun for any of you, and you will probably have to finish your shopping session faster than you think.

Buy a new outfit for your baby

Among the best things that you can do, this is on the top of the list! A happy baby laughing in an adorable outfit is truly a lovely image, not to mention that your baby will feel happy to  be included in your activities.

Shopping can be fun for both of you, so simply remember what your baby needs and apply this while going out! In a few years you will have a great mini-friend to give you fashion advice!

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