Tips and Tricks: How to Fly with a Baby

For many parents, travelling with their baby is one of the most stressful things they can do. The good news is that you can travel with your baby stress free only by following a few simple, but smart tricks.

Once you understand what are the essentials and what you have to leave home, as well as how to deal with the other passengers, your travel with be pleasant and calm. Check out our ideas and get ready for your next trip!

Stop as often as you can

Alright, we know that you want to reach to your destination as soon as possible, but your baby needs time to rest, stretch or simply get up from the chair. If you are travelling with the airplane, make sure you have a break every 4-5 hours of flying; this means you might have to take two fights instead of a single, long one. If you travel by car, try to stop every two hours to take some fresh air.

Bring with you only the essentials

In any part of the world you go, you will find diapers so there is no need to carry an entire pack with you from home. Take only what is necessary for the travel and maybe a couple extra, just in case.

Invest in a good nappy bag

You must invest in a good nappy bag that you can carry with you without worrying that something might spill, break. Keep in your nappy bag a few diapers, wet and dry napkins, diaper cream or baby powder, a changing mat (the changing table from the airplane’s bathroom is not sanitary at all!) and clean clothes for your baby. A great advantage? It will fit under the seat in front of you, so you can access it easily instead of putting it in the luggage compartment above your seat. Get what you want, when you want without disturbing anyone.

Bring a few new and/or interesting toys

If your baby is old enough to focus on toys (let’s say 5 months and over), you will need something to keep him entertained. Bring his favorite toy from home, but also some new ones that will make his eyes glow. Be careful! Avoid toys that can make noise and disturb other people.

Prepare some healthy snacks

If your baby is older than 6 months, you will need some healthy snacks with you if you are travelling more than a couple of hours. Finger foods are the best, as your baby can’t make too much mess around. If you baby is eating only purees, make your own at home and take it with you in a sterilized jar.

Bring the pacifier

Your baby will mostly cry during takeoff because the pressure will make his ears uncomfortable. You can fight this by feeding him or giving him the pacifier right when the plane is taking off.

 Get some earplugs and chocolate

Not for you or your baby, but for others passengers. If your baby is really disturbed by the travel and he keeps crying for hours, you can offer to the other passengers some earplugs to allow them to sleep. Besides, chocolate makes any tired person smile!

Don’t get too stressed about the upcoming travel; you will be surprised of how fast you and your baby will adapt to new situations. Have trust in both of you and everything will be great!


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