Mother and Baby Photoshoot: How to make it Awesome

Your baby is growing so fast, and you want to make sure that you will have great pictures to remember him as a newborn. However, getting a great photoshoot is not exactly easy, especially if you haven’t done this before and you don’t know what to expect from yourself and your baby. Here’s some awesome tips to follow!

Choose some great outfits… and a few extra!

It is very important to choose great outfits both for you and your baby. Take your time, try them in the mirror and remember that you will cherish these pictures for years and years. Also, makes sure to bring some extra clothes with you in the nappy bag. There’s a great chance for an accident to happen, and you don’t want to have pictures while cleaning baby vomit from your dress.

Go to interesting places

If you really want to go the extra mile for this photoshoot, discuss with the photographer and find some interesting places for both of you. If you are a fan of nature, go to a forest or near a lake. If you want something more modern, take the pictures on a crowded, but modern and appealing street.

Remember the accessories

In the photos many other things will appear: the stroller, the bottle, the pacifier or the diaper bag. That is why you have to make sure that they are all photoshoot-friendly. What does this mean? The stroller needs to look nice and interesting (it wouldn’t mind decorating it), the pacifier needs to match the baby’s outfits and the designer diaper bag needs to be extremely fashionable.

Choose the right time

To make sure you take the photos in the right time, you have to discuss with the photographer before and establish if you want pictures with your baby awake or asleep. Analyze your baby’s sleeping schedule and book the photoshoot accordingly. Make sure that your baby is well rested and not hungry.

Be creative

Why not bring your pet to the photoshoot? Why not dress your baby in a watermelon? Why not paint flowers on both of you? There isn’t “too much” when we talk about a mother-baby photoshoot, so take advantage of this and think about the most interesting, crazy pictures that you can take. You will be amazed how well they will turn out to be!

Communicate well with your photographer

If your baby is happy during the photoshoot and he is cooperating for every picture, great! His job is done! However, we know that this only happens in movies, so you have to expect some crying and fussiness at some point. Consider the photographer as your friend and explain to him every time if you feel comfortable or not with a certain thing, or if you should take a break now to calm down the baby. You will spend many hours together and this will make the experience lovely for all three of you!

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