How to Plan a Baby's Birthday Party

Your baby’s birthday is coming, and you want to make everything special. You have many ideas in your mind, but you already know that what is interesting for you might not be for your baby. Are you curious to know what are the key elements for a successful baby birthday party?

Send great invitations                          

Of course, the parents will be the ones enjoying the invitations the most, but why not send something that will also make the guests happy? Instead of sending the classic paper made invitation, send a small toy that the parents can carry in their nappy bag and entertain their baby all the time. In this way, you will both make the parents and the babies happy and excited for your party.

Choose the time wisely


Remember that most of the babies have a pretty strict sleeping schedule. You don’t want to have a party with a dozen sleepy babies, right? Discuss with the parents before and find out what is the best time to come and visit you with their babies.

Generally, the babies are well rested in the morning, right before noon, and they will be more interested in the activities that you will do at the party. If you bring them over in the evening, chances are that some of them will be already tired and not willing to participate.

Prepare baby friendly food

Apart from the snacks that you will prepare for the parents, make sure that you have some baby friendly food available. Discuss with the parents before and find out if any of the guests have any allergies or diet restrictions, so you have something ready for every one of them.

Go with fruits and veggies, snacks without salt and sugar and of course, some formula available for the youngest guests.

Stack on diapers and wet napkins

With many babies around, you can expect a lot of messy accidents. You can’t be sure that all the parents will come with a designer diaper bag ready, so you need to have diapers of different sizes available.

If you think that things will get really messy (if you will allow them to play in the sand for example) it’s a good idea to ask the parents to bring some extra clothes to change the babies.

Prepare some games that they can all enjoy

Young babies will be happy to watch what’s going on around, but older ones can play together. For this, you can bring interactive toys, music and even a clown to entertain them!

If it’s summer and the weather is good, it’s a great idea to bring a baby pool in the back of your house and allow them all to play in the water under the supervision of the adults. Believe me, they will have a great time!

Decorate the house

Balloons, stuffed animals, flowers and toys. All of these will make the babies feel really special and they will be interested in the new environment. Make sure that you put away any object that can be easily broken, just to prevent any accidents.

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