How to Parent Like a Minimalist

Nowadays, we are used to buy more things than we actually need. This applies also for new parents, as they are tempted to buy anything and everything for their little bundle of joy. Too many toys, too many clothes, an extreme amount of blankets? No problem, the baby is worth it all!

However, is this good for your life and your baby? Probably not. Let’s see how to parent like a minimalist!

Don’t go overboard with the clothes

I know that baby clothes are nice and cute, but the reality is that your baby is growing so fast that he will not even have the chance to wear them. This will just leave you with a bunch of cute, new, useless clothes.

Instead, try to limit yourself to a number of new clothes every month; clothes that your baby *actually* needs.

More toys are not always good

If your baby is only a few months old, he does not care about toys, no matter how expensive or interesting they are. Therefore, there is no need to buy tons of them before he is even one-year-old.

A few colorful and noisy toys in your designer diaper bag to get his attention is everything you need.

The accessories are for you, not for your baby

You have dozens of accessories, hats, funny hair clips for your baby? She *needs* this cute pink one? Well, no. Accessories are for adults, not for babies, and the only reason we buy them is so we, and other adults, can see how cute babies are. Is it worth the money? Probably not; babies are cute either way!

Wait and see

I cannot count how many things I bought for my baby, just to get that exact thing a while later as a gift. If your birthday/baby shower/ Christmas is soon, wait before buying anything for your baby. You will be surprised by how many things you get and you don’t spend any useless money.

Know when to let go

And by this, I mean that you have to know how to *break up* with most of the things. Yes, it is fine to keep the first outfit that your baby even wore. No, it is not fine to keep every outfit, his first hat, his first blanket and the first diaper you bought.

Find the joy of helping others

Of course, you will not throw away the things that your baby does not need anymore; give them away to other people. There are parents who struggle financially and could use a little help from others.

If you decided to get rid of some of the toys (finally!) and you don’t know many families with children, give them away to kids in the neighborhood. They will be happy, you will be happy and your nursery will be less crowded!

We don’t need many things in life to be happy. As a matter of fact, we don’t need any of the things that we crave to buy. The less things you have, the easier it is for you, so start giving some away!

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