How to Keep Your Baby In-style While Baby-wearing

Babywearing is great for you and your baby. It keeps your baby close to you, it offers you plenty of freedom to move around without carrying a stroller and you don’t feel the weight of your baby while carrying him. Even so, you must make sure that your baby is in-style, so here are some tips on what both of you can wear.

Choose a fashionable baby carrier

Luckily, there are hundreds of them on the market, each one more beautiful than the other. Make sure that you choose an ergonomic one that keeps your baby in the right position. Go for colors and prints that match your style of clothing, and made from a material that will not overheat your baby.

Invest in nice shoes

Although your baby is not walking, you still need to invest in some nice shoes that match the carrier that you have. If it is summer, comfortable sandals are enough for your baby. If it is winter, bring warm shoes; since your baby’s legs are not moving, his feet will get cold faster than yours.

Wear a nice designer diaper bag

A regular purse might be uncomfortable to carry while you are wearing your baby, so a nappy bag that you can wear as a backpack is the right choice. Regardless on where you go, you need to have inside all the essentials, from diapers to clothes and a toy in case your baby gets bored.

Funny hats are a must-have

The clothes of your baby will not be that obvious while you carry him, but his hat will. To brighten up his outfit, go for funny, colorful hats. Beanies with ears are a real delight, and your baby will look sweeter than ever (if that is even possible).

Gaiters are a real help

They come in different patterns and colors, they are made from different materials and you can easily add them to your and your baby’s outfit. They are extremely useful for babywearing because you can put them on and off easily, and they will keep your baby’s legs warm when needed.

Go for babywearing jackets and hoodies

They are fashionable, they will keep you and your baby warm and you both fit really well, so you don’t have to worry about what jacket you will wear that will not make your carrier uncomfortable. Depending on the season, you can choose a parka or a thin hoodie; it has a special space for your baby’s head and arms and it is loose enough to fit you with the baby carrier.

If you never tried babywearing until now, it’s the time to do it! You will be amazed to discover how easy things are when you are carrying your baby all the time. Apart from this, babies who stay so close to their mothers cry less, sleep better and longer and turn into independent toddlers. Give it a try and wear your baby in style!

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