How to Introduce a Newborn to Your Pet: Tips and Tricks

The new family member is coming home, and all the family is excited. Although everyone will do their best to accommodate the new baby, there is one family member that you must not forget about: your pet.

Depending on your pet’s personality, you might have to take a few or more measures of precaution before you allow it and the baby to be friends. What you have to do?

Book an appointment with the vet

Before anything else, you have to be sure that your pet is healthy and free from any condition or parasites that could affect the baby. Even if you don’t allow it to touch the baby at first, it could still be dangerous if your pet is sick if he is, for example, allowed to lick the nappy bag. Make sure it has all the vaccines and it is properly clean and groomed.

Don’t neglect him

Your pet probably used to be quite spoiled, and you have to play your cards right to reassure him that the new baby is not here to take his place. To do this, you have to play with your pet as much as you used to do this before, and try to avoid pushing him away when he is trying to approach the baby. If you used to spend your evenings playing with him in bed, try to do this at least for a few minutes even after the coming of your baby, even if you are busy with organizing the designer diaper bag.

Allow someone else to hold the baby when you introduce them

If your pet is very possessive, he might feel jealous if he sees you carrying the baby for the first time. Carry the pet yourself, talk to him on a very happy voice and allow him to smell the baby while someone else is carrying him.

Choose the right time

Your pet has good moments and bad ones; if he just woke up from sleep or he is feeling hungry or stressed, it might be better to postpone the big meeting. You want him to be completely relaxed and ready to be social. It is a good idea to take him outside to play If you notice that he has too much energy right before meeting the baby. In this way you will make sure that he doesn’t get too excited.

Don’t extend it too much

Everything went great! Your pet got close to the baby, analyzed the new family member and now, to your surprise, he is completely ignoring him. Well, most of the pets do! It will be a while until he will learn to love the baby as much as you do, so don’t extend the meeting for too long, and don’t force your pet to approach the baby.

Allow your pet to smell and watch the baby

To make sure they will have a great relationship on the long term, it is a good idea to allow your pet to watch and smell the baby whenever they want. They don’t yet understand why this small noisy human is around, so they need to get used to the new situation!

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