How to Get Your Baby on Good Sleep Schedule

Newborns sleep a lot, there is no point in predicting when a newborn baby will sleep. They sleep typically for 16 to 17 hours a day. But most babies don’t stay asleep for two to four hours at a time, day or night during the first week of life. But as your baby grows older, they tend to develop a sleep routine unlike when they are newborn. 

When your baby develops an irregular sleep routine, it disrupts your schedule as a parent, and it is also tiring. As a new parent waking up several times in the night to change diaper, feed and to calm your baby can be daunting. It is also an adventure for the new parent because they are going through parenting for the first time in their life.

A pacifier clip can be used to soothe your baby when you’re trying to comfort him. Moreover, you can use a designer diaper bag to pack his diapers for better organization of diapers. Your baby accessories can be wrapped in a backpack when you decide to leave the house for an adventure. 

You need to need to develop a good sleeping habit for your baby before you can decide to go out with him. Here are some tips on how to get your baby a good sleep schedule.

#1 Set the bed

For your baby to develop a good sleep schedule, your baby’s nap should take place on a neat and well-laid bed. For the first six to eight weeks, most babies are not able to stay up much longer than two hours at a time. So allow him to rest more often.

 #2 Use a bedtime routine


It is never too early to cultivate a bedtime routine for your baby, so far you want him to develop a good sleeping schedule. Choose a method that works best for you. A bedtime routine typically can be a little longer and may include comforting, bathing, diaper changing or reading a story. Over time your baby will learn that sleep comes immediately after the bedtime routine.

#3 Replace your baby’s diaper strategically


Changing the diaper in the middle of night feeding prevents a baby from waking up. But, changing it after night feeding may make him stay awake and may find it hard to fall asleep again.

 #4 Understand your baby sleeping routine


Babies love to sleep, interrupting him while sleeping for some other activities like feeding and washing can cause over-stimulation. He will experience difficulty while trying to fall back asleep.

 #5 Use white noise

Your baby will find it hard to fall asleep if he keeps listening to the sound of fun going on around in the house. Using a white noise will keep your baby asleep even if you are on an adventure with him, you don’t need to bother about the sound around.

The tips mentioned above will help your baby develop a good sleep routine and will assist in the development of his brain.

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