How to Dress Your Baby Girl: Fashionable Tips

Your little girl does not know much about fashion (yet!), but for sure you enjoy dressing her up every once in a while. You both can take amazing pictures together, not to mention that it will brighten your day to see her in a less usual outfit. Are you wondering what outfits can you try for your lovely baby girl? Check out our ideas!

Try Matching Outfits

If you want to take some great pictures for your Instagram feed, you can try to wear the same outfit as your daughter. If you can’t find the exact same clothes, you can improvise from what you and her already have. Don’t forget to wear the same hairstyle and choose for her a designer diaper backpack that she can wear!

Choose lovely shoes… even if she does not need them!

Your baby girl might not walk just yet, but this is not a reason to keep her away from nice shoes. They will make a difference in her outfit and you can keep them as souvenir for later.

Invest in a good diaper bag

A diaper bag is not only a necessity, but it can also be a fashionable piece for your daughter and you. Pick a nappy bag that is useful and with a lovely design and you can match it to your baby’s outfit.

Play with headbands

If your daughter does not have long hair and you can’t style it yet, you can use headbands as accessories. They are perfect for both the summer and the winter and they will make any random outfit look elegant and cute.

Use colored Diapers

They are cute, they brighten up any outfit and they can be a blessing in the summer months when you don’t want to put pants on your baby, but at the same time you want a nice outfit for your pictures. If you can’t find nice regular ones, invest in a few cotton ones.

Allow your daughter to choose her own outfit

We know, your one year old baby does not seem to have the same fashion sense as you, and she would probably wear the most crazy outfit to the park. Well, is this that bad?! Let her pick the outfit for the day and you will be surprised how happy and glowing she is!


  • Tour article is very impressive. There are so many great collection of baby wear. You have well explained fashionable tips for a baby girl.

    Zahoor Ahmad Faisal
  • I think that wearing the same outfit as your daughter and posting pictures of you two together to Instagram is a great idea! I know that my wife will be heartened to hear this information. After all, she has been trying to brainstorm some clothing ideas for a while now. Thanks so much for the insight, my family will be fashionable once again!

    Derek McDoogle

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