How to Catch Baby's Attention When Taking Photos


Babies are the most precious gift a mother can receive from God. For the family, it is very important to capture the life of their baby’s firsts moments like the first walk, first cry, first stand, first birthday and a lot of first.


In professional baby photography. It is important that you have everything ready beforehand and that you have made the necessary preparations for the baby photo shoot. Babies will not necessarily do what you would like them to do and therefore the smart thing is to be poised to take maximum advantage of the moment. It is also important that you take photos when the baby is ready for photos. You’ll get the best results when the baby has slept well and has been well fed. You can also get him/her attention using a pacifier clip. You should also prepare the background by making sure that it is not too cluttered by hanging too many props. Your baby needs a designer diaper bag or a backpack for any adventure.

Colored items and toys easily distract babies. Make sure there are not many colorful items around the area where are you taking the baby photos. A designer diaper bag or backpack is good for keeping your baby pacifier clips and other items. The smart things to do is get everything ready beforehand so that when the perfect opportunity presents itself, you will be ready to click with your finger on the trigger. Do not look for too many shots of the baby staring at the camera, unless your camera is attractive enough to hold the baby’s attention.

Sometimes, as a photographer, you need to be helped. The baby could be too distracted and therefore you may need someone to help pull the baby’s attention your way, This should be very easy because that person could stand right next to you, but be careful that he/she does not interfere with the shot. Professional baby photography takes a lot of time to perfect and therefore if you would like to come off with the perfect shots, the secret is to take as many of the shots as possible so that you can increase your chances of getting the right photo. This is where digital photography comes in handy, literally make tons of photos.


Some of the professional considerations for you to consider will involve your equipment. For example, you need to know about the right shutter speeds, the right lens(usually 1.5 50mm)and so on. A designer diaper bag or backpack is perfect to carry your equipment’s for easy access and safety even for any adventure.

The most important thing to photographing your baby is the moment of capturing it so enjoy the moment and have fun with your baby.

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