Guide to Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays just made for kids: they get to dress up as their favorite fantasy or superhero character and spend the better part of the evening canvassing the neighborhood, enjoying the adventure and filling those Halloween goodie bags! What could be better for a kid with the inevitable sweet tooth? The only disappointment they may encounter is Scrooge-like householders who choose to keep the house darkened or just not answer the door. Boo to them! Don't be one of them! Of course, when trick-or-treaters come to your door, you want each little Halloween aficionado to get a fair share of the safe-to-eat, quality treats and sweets you've got on hand, and hope you don't run out before the evening's over. Also, if you’re a nursing mother remember to use the pacifier clip for your baby so that the Halloween won’t be interrupted.  Here, we've put together a guide to handle your Halloween crowd.

Most of your trick-or-treaters will come equipped with a backpack or little plastic bucket to collect their booty of sweets. You hold out the communal bucket, and each child grabs a handful - or two. Here's one way you can make sure you've got enough to go around for a typical number of Halloween reveler in your neighborhood: pay a visit to a party supply, discount store or gift card shop, all of which stock small thick paper bags, usually decorated with Halloween themes or colors and at a price that doesn't break the budget. This expenditure won't amount to more than a few bucks for your entire Halloween enthusiast entourage.

Move right on to the candy and treat aisle at the grocers. If there's a dollar-type store in the neighborhood, you can find some real deals on 'max-packs' of candies. Don't forget, Halloween goodie bags can include some healthier, but equally tasty treats, such as granola bars (the kid's parents will love you for this).

If you're considering making some homemade treats to hand out, think again. Unfortunately, in this day and age, many parents insist on a thorough inspection of the Halloween 'take' before allowing the kids to begin consuming. Treats given out that are not wrapped in a commercially produced wrapper or sealed box won't pass muster and may simply be tossed, for fear it's not safe to eat. Even fresh fruits are no longer acceptable treats to hand out. So, pick your treats with care.

Now, take your purchased Halloween goodie bags, line them up on the kitchen table, open your packs of sealed treats, and distribute them equally amongst each backpack. When the kids come knocking, offer each child a filled bag. They'll love the 'extra' touch of the Halloween goodie bags, not to mention the treats inside! It makes them feel the adventure because they will be eager to know what is in the bags given to them.

Happy Halloween!


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