Gift ideas for a New Father: Father’s Day Tips

Every time we hear about a couple having a baby, we think about the mother: how is she? How is she feeling? How is she feeling to be a mommy? The fathers are not mentioned as much, and we are planning to change this!

Since Father’s day is coming, we prepared some gift ideas that will delight the new dad and, of course, the baby! Which one is your favorite?

A baby carrier


This gift will allow the father to take care of the baby while doing daily chores or going outside for a walk. They are easy to use and comfortable and you can choose from a great variety of colors, shapes and materials. Plus, it is a great way to help a teething baby fall asleep!

A designer diaper bag

Since the new father will have to go outside with the baby at some point, why not bring him something useful and good looking at the same time? A designer nappy bag will fit all the necessities of the baby, from diapers to clothes and bottles. Not to mention how good it looks!

A sports stroller

This is a pricey gift, but it is definitely worth it if the new dad is passionate about sports. With a special stroller the father can go jogging or exercising in the park with the baby! This will become their special bonding time, and the dad will be very excited to take care of his body and his baby at the same time.

A subscription to a parenting course

Let’s face it: most of the new dads have no idea how to deal with a baby. They don’t know how to change a diaper, how to bathe him or how to make him burp. Instead of waiting for him to learn this on his own, you can give him a subscription to a parenting course for new parents. Believe us, he will love the gift.

Parent-baby clothes

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a father and a baby wearing the same t-shirt, so you can go for this easy gift if you don’t know the new father too well. Go for simple prints that are suitable both for an adult and a baby, and make sure that the material for the baby t-shirt is baby friendly.

A souvenir with the baby’s hand print

For sentimental fathers who want to feel their baby close all the time, you can bring a souvenir with their baby’s hand print. It can be a small accessory for the keys, a cup for the office or a phone case. Either way, you will have to team up with the mother to get the hand-print of the baby, and to make sure that the entire process is baby friendly.

Do you have any ideas that worked for you? Share them with us in the comments!

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