Family Party Tips All Mums Need to Know


Attеnding family раrtу means having a fun time with family members. However, some new moms might have worried for both of the party and baby. Will the baby’s cry and noise destroy this party? Will they feel uncomfortable surrounded by the crowd? Here are some tips a new mom who needs to know before taking the baby to attend a family dinner.

Your baby’s attending the family party is quite a great thing. The menu you plan depends on the kind of celebration you have in mind. What kind of party? It is a small tea party, high tea or a big dinner?

But, the thought of feeding infant in a family party is often daunting for women experiencing breastfeeding for the first time. While at some point most women will manage this easily, it is a very personal decision, While your baby is young and feeding frequently finding time to go out without your baby may be challenging and for some, near on impossible.

Here are some suggestions that work for mums who need to hold a party at home:

  • If you are ordering a birthday cake from the local bakery ask them to use minimum preservatives, food coloring, nuts, and additives. Choose a flavor your child to enjoy.
  • Avoid serving foods like dry fruits (peanuts, almonds, raisins and so on), popcorn, small hard candies, small fruit like grapes or cherries that may present a choking hazard to the little ones.
  • Keep bread, butter and jam handy in case you need to quickly rustle up some extra sandwiches.
  • While chips, namkeens, and colas are popular at many parties. Planning in advance will make things simpler and save any last minute surprises.


Here are some suggestions that work for mums who need to attend a party outside:

  • Do not serve any caffeinated drinks and alcohol to babies. Let them out of reach of your baby.
  • Prepare a small present for the host, such as a bunch of flowers, a bottle of wine or just bring a piece of thank you card would be enough.
  • Before setting out for the party, prepare some food easy to carry, like fruit custards and strudels, packaged them in your designer diaper bag in case that your baby gets hungry on the way.

It is a party only for your family, friends, and neighbors. Your menu, serving size and quantity of food will depend a lot on your child can eat. If your baby’s age just getting started on solids, you may want to serve easily to make homemade foods. You may want to serve vegetarian food or a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. You may also want to plan food depending on specific preferences.


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