Exercise with A Baby: Tips&Tricks

As a new mother, you want to be in the best form that you can be for your child. However, we all know how tricky it can be to find some time for yourself, especially if you are the only one taking care of your baby.

Exercising seems impossible at first, but once you start searching for solutions you will discover that you can keep yourself in shape with the help of your baby. How to work out together?

Join a strolling group

If you don’t have a stroller by now, it’s the time to get one. With some research you will find plenty of mothers in your area that spend time jogging with the strollers. This will help you lose weight, tone your body, keep yourself active and spend some fun time with your bundle of joy. Make sure that you get a special stroller for running and a nappy bag with everything you might need.

Spend a day at the pool!

You love swimming, but you need to take care of your baby? No problem! Babies are natural swimmers, and most of them will love a day of playing in the pool. While you are playing with your baby in water you can do some simple exercises like squats or running in the water; it will put some serious pressure on your muscles and you will get plenty of fun! Remember to put some water diapers in your designer diaper backpack, just in case!

Do some exercise in your home

If you can’t go out but you still want to keep yourself active, you can do some exercise with the help of your baby. For example, you can squat while raising your baby above your head; this will not only work on your legs, abdomen and chest, but also on your arms and back.

Another exercise that you can do is lunges; of course, with your baby! Raise your baby above your head every time you step forward. You will have a toned body and your baby a lot of fun!


Children love dancing, and it is a great cardio exercise that will burn plenty of calories in the shortest time! Play your favorite song, take your baby and dance around the house until you are too tired. Do this every day for at least 15 minutes and you will see results faster than you expected.

Try babywearing!

Wearing your baby in a wrap, sling or carrier will give you freedom to walk, run or dance without worrying about actually holding your baby. Plus, there are fun courses of dancing with the babies that you can attend. You don’t need anything except a good wrap and a small diaper bag for emergencies!


A well-designed diaper bag could be a helper while you're exercising with your baby. Exercise with baby could be easier, you just have to get creative! Work hard and feel good in your body!

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