Airport Travel: Diaper Bag Do's and Don'ts

Travelling with your baby can be a real pleasure if you have everything you need at hand. What is important is to be prepared with the essentials, and sometimes a bit more. Since the diaper bag will be the most important luggage of the tip, check out this article to know all the do’s and don’t’s regarding what to take and more important, what to leave home.

Don’t take too many diapers with you

We know that your baby needs a lot of diapers, and you want to bring as many as possible to make sure that you don’t run out of them during your trip. However, chances are that you can easily find diapers at your destination, so bringing too many from home is pointless.  Bring only the amount that you will need during the travel with the airplane, and a few extra just in case.

Don’t bring food that can stain or leak

You want to feed your baby on the airplane and the company does not offer a baby menu? In this case you can bring some snacks with you, as long as they won’t turn into a problem! Anything than can leak or stain (or can be thrown to other passengers) is not fine. How about some baby friendly muffins?

Don’t load up on milk supplies

If you are not breastfeeding and your baby is still on formula, you have to bring full bottles with you everywhere you go. What you can do, however, is to bring only the powder milk and ask the flight attendants to give you some warm water. You can make the formula right in the airplane! Tip: mention that you will use the water for your baby, since not all the water they have is baby friendly.

Bring a large designer diaper bag

The diaper bag does not have to contain only milk and diapers; you can put your baby’s clothes, bed sheets or things he might need during the trip. It counts as the baby’s luggage, not yours, so the airport will not charge you extra for it.

Bring plenty of toys

If it’s a long flight or you have to stay in the airport more than a couple of hours, you need something to distract your baby with. Toys are a must-have, but avoid the ones that can disturb other people, like the ones that make a lot of noise. Also, If your baby is teething bring a few teething toys with you to keep him busy.

Secure the bag

Only because it is a diaper bag it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t secure it as you do with your purse. Attach a lock to the bag and make sure that nothing goes missing; a box of powder milk is not expensive, but it is difficult to find it in an airport when you need it.

What else you have to put or remove to your bag? It’s simple! Keep only the essentials and don’t overload it with things that you can buy later on!

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